University of Southern California

Price School of Public Policy

Undergraduate Degrees

The Price School of Public Policy offers a suite of degrees that allow undergraduate students to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to understand complex health, environmental and urban issues, as well as to potentially enter the professional fields of health and nonprofit management, public policy, real estate development, and urban planning. Students may enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Policy, Planning, and Development, or a challenging set of minors, or possibly the very competitive progressive degrees associated with the Master of Health Administration, Master of Planning and Master of Public Administration.


Freshman and transfer students may indicate their desire to declare policy, planning, and development as a major on their university application. Students enrolled at USC wishing to declare the major or to be admitted into the minors must be in good academic standing. Interested current USC students should contact the Admissions and Recruitment Office in RGL 111 for more information.


Students must discuss courses of study with the appropriate undergraduate advisers throughout their college enrollment and need to develop their own individual programs with faculty and staff advisers at the time of first enrollment and throughout their college careers.