University of Southern California

Price School of Public Policy

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Public Administration (PUAD)

Frequency of course offerings varies from campus to campus. Check with individual campuses regarding availability.

PUAD 613 Seminar in Financial Policy (4, Irregular) Historical development and trends in public revenues and expenditures. Political, economic, and administrative significance of decisions in the field of financial management. Prerequisite: PPD 647.

PUAD 617 Seminar on Behavioral Aspects of Training and Development (4, Irregular) Theoretical concepts governing the administration of socio-technical systems, organization development, action training and research, and other development and change processes utilized in public service.

PUAD 675 Institutional Context of the Public Sector (4, Sp) Theories of the role, structure and growth of the public sector; public choice processes; political economy of public bureaucracies; the voluntary nonprofit sector. Prerequisite: PPD 501b.

PUAD 685 Seminar on Organizational Behavior in Public Systems (4, FaSp) Organizing processes; decision-making; communication; leadership; behavioral models; political and social behavior in organizations. Prerequisite: PPD 545.

PUAD 692 Multivariate Statistical Analysis (4, Fa) Multivariate analysis of qualitative and quantitative variables including multiple linear regression, multiple contingency table analysis, log-linear and logit models, and path analysis. Prerequisite: PPD 502x.

PUAD 695 Seminar in Administrative Theory (4, FaSp) Assessment of current normative and descriptive theories of public administration; variety of conceptual systems; operationalism; levels of organizational analysis. Prerequisite: PPD 540.

PUAD 697 Seminar in Public Management (4, Irregular) Public management research and theory; differences between private and public organizations: contextual influences on public management; contemporary empirical studies; bibliographic research. Prerequisite: admission to the DPA program.

PUAD 791ab Public Administration Research Seminar (1, 1, FaSp) Presentation and discussion of research histories and current research projects of members of the faculty and distinguished guest scholars. Open only to Ph.D. and DPA students. Graded CR/NC.