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Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Military Courses of Instruction

Naval Science (NSC)

NSC 135 Introduction to Naval Science (2, Fa) Introduction to the structure, principles, and practices, lines of command and control, and functions of the various components of the naval service. Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 137 Seapower and Maritime Affairs (4, Sp) Analysis of U.S. Navy development and campaigns; evolution of strategic, tactical, and maritime doctrines; interaction of naval affairs with national security and domestic policies. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 251 Seamanship and Ship Operations (3, Fa) Vector solutions of relative motion, tactical problems; tactical communications, instructions; fleet communications, organizations; rules of the Nautical Road; aviation and maritime meteorology; operation plans and orders. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 1 hour.

NSC 283 Naval Ships Systems I (Engineering) (3, Sp) Types, structure, and purpose of Naval ships, compartmentation, propulsion systems, auxiliary power systems, interior communications, ship control; ship design and stability. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 335 Navigation (3, Fa) Purposes, methods, and instruments of navigation; terrestrial and celestial navigation and nautical astronomy; time diagrams; lines of position by observation of celestial bodies. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 337 Naval Ships Systems II (Weapons) (3, Sp) Systems approach to naval weapons; linear analysis of ballistics; weapons control systems configurations and dynamics. Field trips. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 343 Evolution of Warfare (3, Fa) Causes and practice of warfare from ancient times; impact of changes in strategy, tactics, and technology; modern revolutionary warfare, global conflict, and politico-military relationships. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 392 Amphibious Warfare (3, Fa) Concepts of seaborne military operations; relationship of factors involved; characteristic operations of World War II; amphibious operation planning. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 453 Leadership and Management I (2, Fa) Principles of human relationships; principles of decision-making and management at the junior officer level; theory and techniques of leadership. Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

NSC 454 Leadership and Management II (2, Sp) Introduction to primary duties of junior naval officers; counseling and interviewing techniques; review of basic administrative responsibilities at the division officer level. Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.