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Courses of Instruction

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Military Courses of Instruction

Military Science (MS)

MS 101 Foundations of Officership (1, Fa) Introduces students to issues and competencies that are central to a commissioned officer’s responsibilities. Establish framework for understanding officership, leadership, and Army values followed and “life skills” such as physical fitness and time management. (Duplicates credit in former MS 100.)

MS 102 Basic Leadership (1, Sp) Establishes foundation of basic leadership fundamentals such as problem solving, communications, briefings and effective writing, goal setting, techniques for improving listening and speaking skills and an introduction to counseling. (Duplicates credit in former MS 110.)

MS 201 Individual Leadership Studies (2, Sp) Students identify successful leadership characteristics through observation of others and self through experimental learning exercises. Students record observed traits (good and bad) in a dimensional leadership journal and discuss observations in small group settings. (Duplicates credit in former MS 200.)

MS 202 Leadership and Teamwork (2, Sp) Study examines how to build successful teams, various methods for influencing action, effective communication in setting and achieving goals, the importance of timing the decision, creativity in the problem solving process, and obtaining team buy-in through immediate feedback. (Duplicates credit in former MS 210.)

MS 301 Leadership and Problem Solving (3, Fa) Students conduct self-assessment of leadership style, develop personal fitness regimen, and learn to plan and conduct individual/small unit tactical training while testing reasoning and problem-solving techniques. Students receive direct feedback on leadership abilities. (Duplicates credit in former MS 300.)

MS 302 Leadership and Ethics (3, Sp) Examines the role communications, values, and ethics play in effective leadership. Topics include ethical decision-making, consideration of others, spirituality in the military, and survey Army leadership doctrine. Emphasis on improving oral and written communication abilities. (Duplicates credit in former MS 310.)

MS 401 Leadership and Management I (3, Fa) Develops student proficiency in planning and executing complex operations, functioning as a member of a staff, and mentoring subordinates. Students explore training management, methods of effective staff collaboration, and developmental counseling techniques. (Duplicates credit in former MS 400.)

MS 402 Leadership and Management II (3, Sp) Study includes case study analysis of military law and practical exercises on establishing an ethical command climate. Students must complete a semester long Senior Leadership Project that requires them to plan, organize, collaborate, analyze, and demonstrate their leadership skills. (Duplicates credit in former MS 410.)

MS 499 Special Topics (2-4, max 8, FaSpSm) Selected topics in military science.