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Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Health Care Management (HMGT)

HMGT 510 The Dynamics of Health Care Leadership (4) A five-day residential provides an intensive, multi-faceted learning experience in leadership, communication, managed care, systems thinking, and the health care environment. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 520 Leading People and Health Care Organizations (4, Fa) An exploration of contemporary work force issues and skills development in organizational design, performance measurement, teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership, and change management. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 525 Managed Care Operations (4) Focuses on managerial, operational, and organizational aspects of managed care for integrated delivery systems, health plans, and medical groups. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 540 Health Economics, Financing and Reimbursement (2, Fa) Provides a framework for the economic analysis of health care issues and provides students with an opportunity to apply economic methods to a number of actual health care problems. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 545 Systems Thinking and the Analysis of Data (4) Quality improvement and statistical tools for health managers. Covers analyzing processes; collecting and analyzing operational data; drawing valid conclusions from data. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 550 Law, Regulation, and Ethics (4) An intensive introduction to business and health care law, ethics and regulation; gives executives practical knowledge regarding legal consideration in business transactions. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 560 Customer-Focused Health Care Organization (2) Strategies for gaining and using customer-derived data in planning, marketing and managing health care organizations. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 565 Managing the Organization’s Financial Health (4, Fa) Executives confront and solve problems requiring use of accounting, finance, and management control principles; provides core financial skills for non-finance professionals. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 570 Strategic Management (4, Sm) Provides skill development and application in the integrative discipline of strategic management including assessment, strategy formulation, implementation and control. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 575 Managing and Improving Health (4, Sp) Methods for monitoring and improving the health of populations. Topics include outcomes management, risk-adjustment, development and implementation of practice guidelines. Open to EMHA students only.

HMGT 600 Managing Risk (2, FaSp) Overview of reimbursement models in clinical and institutional settings; legal, financial and clinical assumption of risk pursuant to new and evolving federal and state statutory and regulatory provisions. Open only to EMHA students.

HMGT 601 Operations Management for Accountability (4, FaSp) Hospital operations in the inpatient/outpatient setting; special emphasis on the growing requirement to more effectively manage across the continuum of care while assuming greater accountability in the delivery of care. Open only to EMHA students.

HMGT 602 Operational Efficiency Processes in Health Care Organizations (2, FaSp) Improving productivity and efficiency of health care organizations combining the application of key operational analysis principles to improve quality, speed and productivity in the delivery of health care. Open only to EMHA students.

HMGT 603 Developing and Monitoring of Quality and Patient Safety Outcomes (2, Sm) Overview of contemporary methods used to develop and monitor patient quality and safety outcomes; develop skill in data collection and analysis of clinical care outcomes; focus on operationalizing outcomes that matter to payers, organizations, and clinicians. Open only to EMHA students.