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Green Technologies

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Program Director: Edward W. Maby, Ph.D.

Master of Science in Green Technologies

Green Technologies is a highly interdisciplinary degree program that emphasizes green systems and the environment, energy technology and efficiency, and sustainability and society. The discipline seeks opportunities for alternative sourcing, conservation, efficiency and repurposing through an understanding of product life cycles from origins to recycling or inevitable disposal. Green technologists will design products, processes and complex infrastructure systems to promote sustainable attributes of importance to the environment and the global community.

The Green Technologies program requires a minimum of 27 units (typically nine courses). At least 18 units must be at the 500-level or above, and at least 18 units must be completed in the Viterbi School of Engineering. These 18 units may reflect courses offered by other schools if cross-listed in a department in the Viterbi School. Students with B.S. degrees in engineering and science disciplines can be accepted into the program.

Students are required to take two courses in each of three topical areas:
Green Systems and the Environment (two courses)
CE 515 Sustainable Infrastructure Systems 3
ISE 576 Industrial Ecology: Technology-Environment Interaction 3
Energy Technology and Efficiency (two courses)
CHE 510 Energy and Process Efficiency 3
Also take only one of the following:
AME 577 Survey of Energy and Power for a Sustainable Future 3
EE 513 Solid State Energy Devices 3
EE 526 Renewable Energy in Power Systems 3
ENE 505 Energy and the Environment 3
Sustainability and Society (two courses)
CE 469 Sustainable Design and Construction 3
Also take one of the following:*
ARCH 519 Sustainability in the Environment: Infrastructures, Urban Landscapes, and Buildings 3
CE 567 Smart Infrastructures 3
ENE 502 Environmental and Regulatory Compliance 3
GEOG 581 Concepts for Spatial Thinking 4
MOR 566 Sustainability and Competitive Advantage 3
POSC 546 Seminar in Environmental Policy 4
PPD 692 Transportation and the Environment 4
PPDE 632 Sustainable Cities 4
Electives (three courses) 9
Electives shall be chosen in consultation with an adviser to develop technical specialization in an area of interest to the student. This may include up to 3 units of directed research.

*Additional courses from this list may be used to fulfill the elective requirement.