University of Southern California

Viterbi School of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Degree Requirements

Educational Program Objectives

The undergraduate programs in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering endeavor to prepare students to achieve the following objectives:

  • Graduates will be professionals working in engineering or in related areas such as computer science, business, law, medicine or public service, at both large- and small-scale businesses.
  • Graduates will engage in lifelong learning, such as continuing their education through graduate school or professional development courses.
  • Graduates will make use of modern and cutting-edge tools, such as advanced computer software and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.
  • Graduates will be both competent technical innovators and industrial leaders.
  • Graduates will incorporate societal, ethical and environmental considerations into technical decisions.
  • Graduates will effectively communicate and work with persons and teams of diverse technical and non-technical backgrounds.