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USC Rossier School of Education

Doctor of Education candidate Alejandra Mendoza assists a student at USC Hybrid High, a Los Angeles charter high school founded by Rossier professor David Dwyer in 2012. The school’s name stems from its mix of face-to-face instruction and personalized online curricula, an innovative teaching method that gives students more control over their education.

The USC Rossier School of Education is one of the world’s premier centers for the study of urban education. The school is committed to preparing teachers, researchers, counselors, administrators and curricular specialists for leadership positions. The mission of the School of Education is to strengthen urban education locally, nationally and globally. Educators in urban areas face a unique set of challenges, including poverty, density, mobility and immigration; strained social conditions around housing, health care and crime; and cultural and linguistic diversity. Urban education takes place in many contexts including pre-kindergarten through high school, human services, higher education and workplace settings.

We seek to transform urban education by:

  • Preparing and developing educational leaders who are change agents with a commitment to improving urban education and competencies to address the complex educational and social issues facing urban communities.
  • Leading the search for innovative, efficacious and just solutions to the challenges in urban education by engaging in research on educational practices and policy.
  • Creating mutually beneficial partnerships to rethink curriculum, improve educational environments and develop sound policy.

Our vision is to be a premier and distinctive School of Education, defined by innovative educational programs and scholarship that directly impact policy and practice in urban education.

The School of Education is committed to our four academic themes of leadership, diversity, learning and accountability that guide all academic, research and service efforts within our school.

USC Rossier School of Education
Waite Phillips Hall 1100
(213) 740-8313


Karen Symms Gallagher, Ph.D., Dean

Dominic J. Brewer, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Research, Partnerships and Globalization

Lawrence O. Picus, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs

Melora Sundt, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Academic Programs

Blair Sillers, Chief of Staff


Emery Stoops and Joyce King-Stoops Dean’s Chair in Education: Karen Symms Gallagher, Ph.D.

Richard T. Cooper and Mary Catherine Cooper Chair in Public School Administration: Guilbert C. Hentschke, Ph.D.

T. & I. Katzman/Ernst Chair in Educational Entrepreneurship: David Dwyer, Ph.D.

Irving R. and Virginia Archer Melbo Chair in Education: Rudy Castruita, Ed.D.

Clifford H. and Betty C. Allen Professor of Urban Leadership: Dominic J. Brewer, Ph.D.

Stephen Crocker Professor of Education: Robert Rueda, Ph.D.

Leslie Wilbur and Norma Lash Wilbur-Evelyn Keiffer Professor of Higher Education: William G. Tierney, Ph.D.

University Professors: Lloyd Armstrong, Jr., Ph.D.; William G. Tierney, Ph.D.

Professors: Ron Avi Astor, Ph.D. (Social Work); Estela Mara Bensimon, Ed.D.; Dominic J. Brewer, Ph.D.; Michael Diamond, Ph.D.; Guilbert C. Hentschke, Ph.D.; Harold F. O’Neil Jr., Ph.D.; Lawrence O. Picus, Ph.D.; Robert Rueda, Ph.D.; Gale Sinatra, Ph.D.; John B. Slaughter, Ph.D. (Engineering)

Associate Professors: Patricia Burch, Ph.D.; Darnell Cole, Ph.D.; Alicia Dowd, Ph.D.; Robert G. Keim, Ed.D. (Dentistry); Adrianna Kezar, Ph.D.; Tatiana Melguizo, Ph.D.; Brendesha Tynes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Lauren Anderson, Ph.D.; Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ph.D.; Morgan Polikoff, Ph.D.; Jamy Stillman, Ph.D.; Katharine O. Strunk, Ph.D.

Professor of the Practice: Marleen Pugach, Ph.D.

Professors of Clinical Education: Reynaldo R. Baca, Ph.D.; Rudy M. Castruita, Ed.D.; Rudy F. Crew, Ed.D.; Raymond John Gallagher, Ph.D.; Pedro Garcia, Ed.D.; Dennis Hocevar, Ph.D.; Sandra N. Kaplan, Ed.D.; Anthony B. Maddox, Ph.D.; Susan Metros, MFA (Technology Enhanced Learning); Margo Pensavalle, Ed.D.; Mark Power Robison, Ph.D.; Darlene Robles, Ph.D.; Sylvia Rousseau, Ed.D.; Julietta Shakhbagova, Ph.D.; Melora Sundt, Ph.D.

Associate Professors of Clinical Education: Mary Andres, Psy.D.; Ruth Gim Chung, Ph.D.; Ginger Clark, Ph.D.; Robert Filback, Ph.D.; Frederick W. Freking, Ph.D.; Michael Genzuk, Ph.D.; Alan G. Green, Ph.D.; Angela Hasan, Ph.D.; Kimberly Hirabayashi, Ph.D.; William E. Maxwell, Ph.D.; Eugenia Mora-Flores, Ph.D.; Gary Scott, Ed.D.; Julie Slayton, Ph.D.; Kathy Stowe, Ed.D.; Tracy Poon Tambascia, Ed.D.; Patricia Tobey, Ph.D. (Student Affairs); Kristan M. Venegas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors of Clinical Education: Shafiqa Ahmadi, J.D.; Uju Anya, Ph.D.; Paula Carbone, Ph.D.; Christian Chun, Ph.D.; Lynne Goldfarb, Ph.D.; Walton Green, M.S.; Courtney Malloy, Ph.D.; Brandon Martinez, Ed.D.; Lynette Merriman, Ed.D. (Student Affairs); John Pascarella, Ph.D.; Helena Seli, Ph.D.; Maura Sullivan, Ph.D.; Kenneth Yates, Ed.D.

Assistant (Teaching) Professors of Clinical Education: Corey Barton, Ed.D.; Eric Bernstein, Ph.D., J.D.; Jenifer Crawford, Ph.D.; Monique Datta, Ed.D.; Kimberley Ferrario, Ph.D.; Brooke Howland, Ed.D.; Corinne E. Hyde, Ed.D.; Emmy Min, Ph.D.

Research Professors: David Dwyer, Ph.D.; Jerome Lucido, Ph.D.; Allen Munro, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professors: Zoe Corwin, Ph.D.; Joanna Smith, Ph.D.

Executives in Residence: Michael Escalante, Ed.D.; Maria Ott, Ph.D.

Lecturers: Priscilla Caraveo, M.A.; Deborah Detzel, M.A.; Paul Dykman, M.S.; Katie Guevara, M.A.; Marge Hoctor, M.A.; Pamela Yamamoto Ireland, M.A.; Sonja Lovelace, M.A.; Stephen MacIsaac, M.A.; Kathleen O’Connor, M.A.; Heather Robertson, Ed.D.; Priscilla Taylor, M.A.

Emeritus Professors: Earl Carnes, Ph.D.; Richard Clark, Ed.D.; Myron H. Dembo, Ph.D.; Robert Ferris, Ed.D.; Mabel E. Hayes, Ph.D.; Edward J. Kazlauskas, Ph.D.; Frederick Knirk, Ed.D.; Steven Krashen, Ph.D.; Johanna K. Lemlech, Ed.D.; James Magary, Ph.D.; Merle Marks, Ed.D.; William G. Millington, Ed.D.; William F. O’Neill, Ph.D.; Donald E. Polkinghorne, Ph.D.; William M. Rideout, Jr., Ph.D.; Audrey J. Schwartz, Ed.D.; Robert A. Smith, Ph.D.; Eddie Williams, Ed.D.; Kathleen Wulf, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Education: Stuart E. Gothold, Ed.D.

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology: Rodney K. Goodyear, Ph.D.

Degree Programs

The Rossier School of Education offers the following degree programs: Master of Arts, Teaching; Master of Arts, Teaching: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; Master of Education, Advanced Instruction; Master of Education, Educational Counseling; Master of Education, Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs; Master of Education, School Counseling; Master of Education, School Leadership; Master of Marriage and Family Therapy; Doctor of Education/Master of Business Administration (Ed.D./MBA); Doctor of Education (Ed.D.); Global Executive (Ed.D.); and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Urban Education Policy.