University of Southern California

Ostrow School of Dentistry

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Pediatric Dentistry (PEDO)

PEDO 310 Principles of Dentistry for Children (1) Role of the dental hygienist in dental care for the child patient. Principles of pediatric dentistry as related to education of the child patient and the parent. Lecture, 1 hour.

PEDO 501 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry (1) Scientific principles underlying contemporary pediatric dentistry, including prevention of disease; dental anomalies; habits and other problems in occlusal development; behavior management; child abuse.

PEDO 521 Preclinical Pediatric Dentistry (2) Principles and techniques of cavity preparations in primary teeth; pulpal therapy; stainless steel crowns; space maintenance; diagnosis, treatment planning.

PEDO 551abc Clinic: Dentistry for Children I (0-0-2) Structured clinical experience in caring for the dental needs of the child patient. Includes special case seminars.

PEDO 561abc Clinic: Dentistry for Children II (0-0-1) Dental treatment of the child patient; preventive and restorative dentistry; space maintenance and interceptive orthodontic procedures.

PEDO 701ab Seminar: Advanced Pediatric Dentistry (8-15 each, FaSpSm) Discussions of literature related to pediatric dentistry. Biologic considerations in operative dentistry, odontogenesis, dental trauma, physiology of occlusion, pulpal biology. Graded CR/NC.

PEDO 702ab Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Dentistry (5-7 each, FaSpSm) Critical analysis of current pediatric dentistry literature and case conferences related to the application of contemporary issues in dentistry for the complex child patient.

PEDO 703abcde Interceptive Orthodontics (2-5 each) Recognition, evaluation, and treatment of developing orthodontic problems appropriate to the pediatric dentist; emphasis on diagnosis; laboratory experience included.

PEDO 704ab Prevention in Pediatric Dentistry (2-2) Discussions and readings pertaining to the analysis and incorporation of the many components of prevention into the contemporary pediatric dentistry practice.

PEDO 705 Pediatric Diseases (2) Discussion of medical conditions seen by the pediatric dentist in the hospital environment. Conditions include childhood cancer, HIV, heart disease, diabetes mellitus and blood dyscrasias. Graded CR/NC.

PEDO 706 Dental Care for Pediatric Patients with Disabilities (2) Medical, dental, psychological, and social problems of children with developmental disabilities; effect of problems on delivery of pediatric dentistry. Graded CR/NC.

PEDO 707 Seminar: Cleft Palate Rehabilitation (1-9) Three trimester course discussions and case conferences related to treatment of patients with oral and facial anomalies: includes interceptive and corrective orthodontics, preventive and restorative treatment, and selected oral surgery-prosthetic rehabilitative procedures. Seminar, 3 hours.

PEDO 708 Practice Management (1, FaSpSm) Discussion of issues related to the contemporary practice of pediatric dentistry (seminars and office visitations). Topics include: purchasing a practice, associateships, hospital affiliations, practice administration and marketing, computers, jurisprudence and auxiliary utilization.

PEDO 709 Conscious Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry (1, Sm) Seminar topics include: review of pharmacology and effectiveness of commonly used oral agents, methods of administration, regulatory guidelines, patient monitoring, management of sedation related emergencies.

PEDO 721 Pediatric Physical Evaluation (2) Assessment of patient health status; evaluation and management of acute and chronic disease states which may be observed in the pediatric dental practice.

PEDO 761abcde Clinic: Advanced Pediatric Dentistry (2-10 each, FaSpSm) Clinical application of advanced pediatric dentistry techniques in routine and special problem cases in the outpatient environment. Hours vary. Graded CR/NC.

PEDO 771abcdef Clinic: Hospital Pediatric Dentistry (2-15 each, FaSpSm) Treatment of the child patient in the hospital environment. Emphasis placed on treatment and management with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.

PEDO 772abcde Clinic: Interceptive Orthodontics (1-3 each) Clinical application and treatment procedures for tooth guidance, preventative and interceptive orthodontics.

PEDO 773 Hospital Pediatric Clinics (2-4) Observation and participation in affiliated hospital clinics: anesthesiology, hematology, and genetic clinics; grand pediatric rounds and other conferences.

PEDO 774 Clinical Genetics in Pediatric Dentistry (9) Genetic principles of oral, facial and cranial malformations; technique and theory of clinical genetics, differential diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the craniofacial complex.

PEDO 790ab Directed Research: Pediatric Dentistry (1-6 each) An examination and analysis of clinical and laboratory problems in dentistry for children leading to completion of an original research project. Graded CR/NC.