University of Southern California

Ostrow School of Dentistry

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Human Behavior (HBHV)

HBHV 310 Interactional Skills in Dental Hygiene (1) Training in the application of behavioral and communication skills.

HBHV 501 Behavioral Skills in Dentistry (1) Introduction to key personal, interpersonal, and professional factors that shape the doctor-patient relationship; ways interactional skills influence the effectiveness, durability, and satisfaction of the doctor-patient relationship.

HBHV 502 Interactional Skills (1) Introduction to purpose, objectives, and principles of clinical interviewing.

HBHV 504 Patient Education and Management (1) Management of difficult patients; psychology and behavioral treatment of pain; patient education of treatment planning; smoking cessation program.

HBHV 550 Communications in Clinical Dentistry (1) Verbal and nonverbal communication in clinical dentistry; clinical experience in use of manual, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills during a traumatic injection procedure.

HBHV 561abcde Clinic: Behavioral Dentistry (0-0-0-0-1) Clinical application of behavioral dentistry principles. Data collection, case presentation, fear reduction (iatrosedation), and tobacco cessation.

HBHV 601 Understanding Stress in Dental Practice (2) Investigation of the approaches to understanding and managing stress, especially the stress issues in dentistry.