University of Southern California

Ostrow School of Dentistry

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Endodontics (ENDO)

ENDO 501 Clinical Endodontics (1) Diagnosis and treatment procedures for basic clinical endodontics, including management of endodontic emergencies; relationship of endodontics to the various dental disciplines.

ENDO 502 Advanced Endodontics (1) Theoretical principles for the treatment of advanced endodontic cases; alternative methods of endodontic therapy; introduction to interspecialty cases.

ENDO 521 Preclinical Endodontics (3) Theoretical principles of endodontic therapy related to pulpal and periapical disease; training in procedures of localizing, preparing, and filling the root canal of human teeth.

ENDO 562abcd Clinic: Concentrated Early Endodontics (0-0-0-1) Early clinical experience including assigned clinic demonstration block.

ENDO 563ab Clinic: Endodontic Therapy (0-2) Clinical experience emphasizing diagnosis, treatment planning, and endodontic patient management.

ENDO 610 Clinical Advanced Endodontics (2) In-depth discussion of endodontic surgery, retreatment, and hemisection cases; includes clinical experience in advanced endodontic cases.

ENDO 701abcd Seminar: Biological Basis of Endodontic Therapy (1-1-1-1) Investigation of the theoretical and biological bases of clinical endodontic procedures.

ENDO 702 Seminar: Advanced Clinical Endodontics (2) Course designed to train students in the management of simple and complex endodontic cases.

ENDO 703abcd Seminar: Review of Endodontic Literature (1-1-1-1) Critical review and analysis of classical and current endodontic literature.

ENDO 704ab Seminar: Surgical Endodontics (2-2) Indications, principles, and techniques of surgical endodontics.

ENDO 705ab Seminar: Endodontic Case Presentation (4-4) Student presentation of cases for critique and analysis.

ENDO 710 Seminar: Endodontic Practice Management (2) Organizing, staffing, and evaluation of an endodontic practice. Modes and patterns of management including use of auxiliaries. Emphasis on endodontist-general practitioner relationship; legal aspects of dental practice. Seminar, 2 hours.

ENDO 711 Alternatives in Endodontics (4) Alternative endodontic techniques presented by guest clinicians. Emphasis on endodontics and its relationship with periodontal, restorative, and surgical disciplines.

ENDO 761abcdef Clinic: Advanced Endodontics (1-9 each) Advanced clinical experience emphasizing the diagnosis and management of complicated endodontic cases.

ENDO 790 Directed Research: Endodontics (1-12) Principles of planning, organizing, and executing a clinical or educational research project. Graded CR/NC.