University of Southern California

Ostrow School of Dentistry

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Pharmacology (DPHR)

DPHR 410 Principles of Pharmacology (2) Basic principles of drug action; application of drugs in the prevention and treatment of disease; harmful effects of drugs on biological systems. Lecture, 2 hours.

DPHR 501 Pharmacology (3) General principles of drug action: prescription writing; toxicology; pharmacology of drugs affecting cardiovascular, autonomic, endocrine, and central nervous systems; drug control of pain, anxiety, infection.

DPHR 601 Clinical Drug Therapy in Dentistry (2) Clinical pharmacology of drug therapy important to dental practice using case history disease signs and symptoms and attendant drug therapy.

DPHR 701 Advanced Pharmacology (1) Pharmacologic principles and practice of drug use to control anxiety, pain, and infection. Treatment of drug and medical emergencies as they relate to dental specialty practice.