University of Southern California

Ostrow School of Dentistry

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Anesthesia and Medicine (AMED)

AMED 421 Seminar: Teaching Local Anesthesia (1) Techniques of teaching local anesthesia to dental hygiene students.

AMED 502 Emergency Medicine (2) Recognition and management of life-threatening emergencies, including unconsciousness, altered consciousness, respiratory distress, convulsions, drug-related emergencies, and chest pain.

AMED 523 Pharmacosedation II (1) Introduction to intravenous sedation; evaluation of patient, selection of technique and procedure; prevention of complications, recognition and management of complications; introduction to general anesthesia.

AMED 524 Pain and Anxiety Control (2, Sp) Theory and techniques for pain control, anxiety includes: local anesthetics; drugs, adjunctive premedication, techniques in oral, rectal, intramuscular, inhalation sedation, prevention, management of complications. (Duplicates credit in the former AMED 521 and AMED 522.)

AMED 605abcde Seminar: Intravenous Sedation (0-0-0-0-4) Review of the literature and a selection of case studies in intravenous sedation.

AMED 606abcde Clinical Intravenous Sedation (0-0-0-0-3) Management of patients receiving intravenous sedation, including physical evaluation, patient monitoring, recognition and management of unconscious airway and emergency situations; IV sedation procedures.

AMED 610 Physical Diagnosis/Cardiology (1) Participation in the Cardiac Clinic at LAC+USC Medical Center; experience in cardiac auscultation, abnormal breath sounds, use of cardiac drugs, and prosthetic valve management.

AMED 613abcde Clinic: Intravenous Sedation (0-0-0-0-3) Clinical experience in intravenous sedation including physical evaluation, patient monitoring, and management of unconscious airway. Prerequisite: AMED 606e.

AMED 750abc Physical Evaluation and Anesthesia (2-2-1) In-depth examination of physical evaluation, emergency medicine, basic life support, inhalation sedation, intravenous sedation, local anesthesia, and patient monitoring; includes clinical experience.