University of Southern California

Ostrow School of Dentistry

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Advanced Dental Education Conjoint Program (ADNT)

ADNT 701 Research Methodologies in Dentistry (2) Critical evaluation of the scientific principles in the development, execution, and interpretation of methodologies used in dentistry.

ADNT 702 Physical Diagnosis (2) Didactic and clinical experience in physical diagnosis relevant to practice of the dental specialties. Lecture, 1 hour; demonstration, 1 hour.

ADNT 703abcdefhij Seminar: Combined Treatment Planning (2 each) Interdisciplinary consideration of complex cases which involve several of the dental specialties.

ADNT 704abc Oral Biology (1-13 each) Interdisciplinary consideration of contemporary biology of the cell, bone, teeth, periodontium, occlusion, dental pulp, pain and human growth and development.

ADNT 706 Seminar: Diseases of Childhood (2) Intraoral hard and soft tissue pathologic conditions in children, common bacterial and viral diseases and their transmission in the pediatric dental environment. Seminar, 2 hours. Graded CR/NC.

ADNT 707 Behavior of the Child Patient (2) Child and adolescent psychological growth and development: Human communication, needs, motivation, and learning. Critical analysis of patient management, team treatment, and practice administration. Lecture, 2 hours.

ADNT 710 Internship: Dental Education (1-5) Practical experience teaching predoctoral students. Units and hours variable.