University of Southern California
The newly established USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance is the sixth arts school at USC and the first school to be established through an endowment in nearly 40 years. The transformational gift from Ms. Kaufman will “have a profound impact on the art of dance — not only at USC, but throughout the world,” said USC President C. L. Max Nikias.

The USC Kaufman School of Dance is the newest school to debut at the University of Southern California. Founded in 2012 by a transformational gift from Glorya Kaufman, a visionary Los Angeles philanthropist whose commitment to dance is celebrated nationwide, the Kaufman School offers a wide variety of classes in a multitude of dance styles from hip hop to ballroom to ballet. These classes are open to all USC students. The school also offers a minor in dance.

Beginning in the fall of 2015, the Kaufman School will offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to a very select number of undergraduates who wish to pursue dance as their major. This four-year degree will be housed in the Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center, which is now under construction. Applications for the BFA will be accepted in the fall of 2014.

USC Kaufman School of Dance
Office of the Dean
840 W. 34th Street, MUS 403
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0851
(213) 740-9327


Robert A. Cutietta, D.Ed., Dean

Jodie Gates, Vice Dean and Director


Professor: Jodie Gates

Associate Professor: Margo Apostolos, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty: Jesus Fuentes; Rafael Garcia; Miranda Garrison; Alexander Greschenko; Nikolaos Lagousakos; Joey Letteri; Victoria Looseleaf; Angeliki Papadakis; Jacqueline Pavlich; Bradley Rapier; Kenji Yamaguchi

General Information

Degree Program

The USC Kaufman School of Dance will offer an undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. This is a professional degree program for students preparing for careers in dance. Applicants to the school will need to meet USC’s rigorous academic standards while also demonstrating an advanced level of achievement in dance. The inaugural class will enter the school in fall 2015.

Minor in Dance

The dance minor is designed to present undergraduate students with a focus on the discipline of dance as an educational tool for study and research. The dance program offers a variety of courses in dance technique; dance history and philosophy; choreography; production; and performance.

This minor offers students an interdisciplinary experience compatible with a variety of majors. Student choreography, performances and productions include work with international dances as well as dances in the Southern California/Los Angeles region.

The minor in dance is open to all undergraduates, and 27–28 units are required to complete the program. Students applying to this minor must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (A = 4.0).

DANC 380 Historical Approaches to Dance 4
DANC 388 Senior Seminar in Dance 4
DANC 482 Choreography for Television 4
DANC 483 Dance Performance 4
DANC 280 Dance as an Art Form 4
DANC 282* Activities for Professional Preparation: Dance (concurrent enrollment in a 2-unit, 100-level technique course required) 1
DANC 285L Elements of Dance Production 4
DANC 385L Choreography and Performance 4
DANC 181a Modern Dance 2
DANC 181b Modern Dance 2
DANC 182a Advanced Modern Dance 2
DANC 182b Advanced Modern Dance 2
DANC 183a Ballet 2
DANC 183b Ballet 2
DANC 183c Ballet 2
DANC 183d Ballet 2
DANC 184a Jazz Dance 2
DANC 184b Jazz Dance 2
DANC 184c Jazz Dance 2
DANC 188a International Style Ballroom Dance (to include folk and square dance) 2
DANC 188b International Style Ballroom Dance 2