University of Southern California

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Undergraduate Degrees

Department Major Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Russian

Required courses, Lower-division Units
SLL 120 Beginning Russian I 4
SLL 150 Beginning Russian II 4
SLL 220 Intermediate Russian I 4
SLL 250 Intermediate Russian II, or
SLL 255 Business Russian 4
Required courses, Upper-division Units
SLL 310 Advanced Russian in Popular Culture 4
SLL 321 Russian Culture, or
SLL 330 Russian Thought and Civilization 4
SLL 340 Intercultural Communication in Russian 4
SLL 465 Seminar in Russian Studies (taken three times, with varying content) 4, max 12
And two elective courses approved by the undergraduate adviser.

Minor in Russian

Lower-division requirements for the major plus three upper-division elective courses chosen from the following (at least two of the areas must be represented): Russian language (SLL 310, SLL 340, SLL 420); Russian literature and culture taught in Russian (SLL 321, SLL 465); Russian literature, art and culture taught in translation (SLL 330, SLL 344, SLL 345, SLL 348, SLL 378).

Minor in Russian Area Studies

Lower-division Requirements

Four semesters of Russian language (SLL 120, SLL 150, SLL 220 and either SLL 250 or SLL 255), or its equivalent.

Upper-division Requirements

The core course, SLL 330 Russian Thought and Civilization; one course outside the Slavic department, from among the following: HIST 324, HIST 328, HIST 415, HIST 416, HIST 417, HIST 424; IR 345, IR 346, IR 439, IR 483; POSC 464; and one elective, to be chosen from among: any upper-division SLL course in Russian literature, art or culture; HIST 320, HIST 324, HIST 415, HIST 416, HIST 417, HIST 424; IR 345, IR 346, IR 439, IR 483; POSC 464.

Note: the course taken to fulfill the requirement outside the Slavic department cannot also count as an elective.