University of Southern California

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences


Kaprielian Hall 104
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FAX: (213) 740-2424

Chair: Francis Bonahon, Ph.D.


University Professor and USC Associates Chair in Natural Sciences: Michael S. Waterman, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences and Computer Science)

University Professor and Andrew and Erna Viterbi Chair in Communications: Solomon Golomb, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)

Dean’s Professor of Mathematics: Eric M. Friedlander, Ph.D.

Gabilan Assistant Professor of Mathematics: Sami Assaf, Ph.D.

Professors: Kenneth Alexander, Ph.D.; Richard Arratia, Ph.D.; Peter Baxendale, Ph.D.; Francis Bonahon, Ph.D.*; Susan Friedlander, Ph.D.; Jason Fulman, Ph.D.; Larry Goldstein, Ph.D.; Robert Guralnick, Ph.D.*; Nicolai T.A. Haydn, Ph.D.; Ko Honda, Ph.D.; Edmond A. Jonckheere, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering); Sheldon Kamienny, Ph.D.; Igor Kukavica, Ph.D.; Charles Lanski, Ph.D.; Sergey Lototsky, Ph.D.; Jin Ma, Ph.D.; Feodor Malikov, Ph.D.; Remigijus Mikulevicius, Ph.D.; M. Susan Montgomery, Ph.D.*; Paul K. Newton, Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering); Wlodek Proskurowski, Ph.D.; John E. Rolph, Ph.D. (Information and Operations Management); Gary Rosen, Ph.D.; Robert J. Sacker, Ph.D.; Fengzhu Sun, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences); Simon Tavaré, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences); Nicholas P. Warner, Ph.D. (Physics); Chunming Wang, Ph.D.; Jianfeng Zhang, Ph.D.; Mohammed Ziane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: Jay Bartroff, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Aravind Asok, Ph.D.; Sami Assaf, Ph.D.; Sabin Cautis, Ph.D.; Aaron Lauda, Ph.D.

Professors (Research): Leonid Piterbarg, Ph.D.; Alexander G. Tartakovsky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Teaching): Cymra Haskell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors (Non-Tenure Track): Quentin Berger, Ph.D.; Weiwei Hu, Ph.D.; David Rose, Ph.D.; Joseph A. Ross; Ph.D.

Professors Emeriti: Edward K. Blum, Ph.D.; Ronald E. Bruck Jr., Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or college teaching award.

Degree Programs

The Department of Mathematics has designed its major to give students an understanding of the several areas of mathematics. The program of study allows students to use electives to prepare themselves for a specific field, whether in industry, teaching or advanced graduate research. The faculty is engaged in a wide variety of research activities and offers courses in many areas.

The department offers the B.S., B.A. and minor in mathematics; B.S. and B.A. in applied and computational mathematics; B.S. in mathematics/economics; progressive degree programs in mathematics; M.S. in applied mathematics; M.S. in mathematical finance; M.S. in statistics; M.A. in mathematics; M.A. in applied mathematics; M.S. in computational molecular biology; Ph.D. in applied mathematics; and Ph.D. in mathematics.