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Emeritus Professor: Gerhard Clausing, Ph.D.

Emeritus Associate Professor: Cornelius Schnauber, Ph.D.

The USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offers a variety of courses from basic and advanced language classes to literature classes and general and cultural topics.

Note: Students are no longer being admitted as majors in German.

German Minor Requirements

Required courses, Lower-division Units
GERM 101 German I 4
GERM 102 German II 4
GERM 201 German III, Conversation and Composition 4
GERM 221 Conversational German IV, or the equivalent by test 4
Required courses, Upper-Division Units
Four courses — 16 units in the two areas of concentration.
One course from the following:
GERM 310* Business German I 4
GERM 311* Business German II 4
GERM 470 Advanced Composition and Stylistics 4

*Prerequisite: GERM 201 or the equivalent by test.

Three elective courses from the following (only one course each from HIST and IR may be counted toward the minor):
GERM 320 Composition and Conversation on Contemporary Affairs 4
GERM 325 Composition and Conversation in Cultural History 4
GERM 330 Introduction to Literary Studies 4
GERM 346 German Folklore and Popular Culture 4
GERM 352 Colloquium on Poetry 4
GERM 353 Colloquium on Prose 4
GERM 360 20th Century German Prose: Texts and Films 4
GERM 410 Profile of German Literature I 4
GERM 420 Profile of German Literature II 4
HIST 323 The Holocaust in 20th Century Europe 4
HIST 414 Contemporary Europe 4
HIST 427 The German Question: Nation and Identity in Modern Central Europe 4
HIST 428 Life and Death in Nazi Germany 4
HIST 445 Comparative History and Theory of Fascism and Nazism 4
IR 369 Contemporary European International Relations 4
IR 385 European Foreign Policy and Security Issues 4
IR 468 European Integration 4
POSC 463 European Politics 4