University of Southern California

Interdisciplinary Programs

Graduate and Professional Programs


Master’s Degrees

Cell and Neurobiology (see Medicine)
Clinical, Biomedical and Translational Investigations (see Medicine)
Construction Management (see Engineering)
Digital Supply Chain Management (see Business)
Green Technologies (see Engineering)
Health Systems Management Engineering (see Engineering)
Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering (see Engineering)
Philosophy and Law (see Philosophy)
Physiology and Biophysics (see Medicine)
Public Diplomacy (see Communication)

Graduate Certificates

Digital Media and Culture (see Cinematic Arts)
Engineering Technology Commercialization (see Engineering)
Health Systems Operations (see Engineering)
Innovation (see Graduate School)
Optimization and Supply Chain Management (see Business)
Sustainable Cities (see Public Policy)
Sustainable Design (see Architecture)
Transportation Systems (see Engineering)
Visual Studies (see Art History)

Doctor of Philosophy

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (see Biological Sciences)
Health Economics (see Pharmacy)
Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology (see Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (see Pharmacy)
Physiology and Biophysics (see Medicine)