University of Southern California

Senior Administration of the University

C. L. Max Nikias, Dipl., M.S., Ph.D., President
Elizabeth Garrett, J.D., Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Robert Abeles, MBA, Senior Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
Albert R. Checcio, B.S., Senior Vice President, University Advancement
Todd R. Dickey, J.D., Senior Vice President, Administration
Thomas E. Jackiewicz, MPH, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for USC Health
Thomas S. Sayles, J.D., Senior Vice President, University Relations
Carol Mauch Amir, J.D., General Counsel and Secretary of the University
Randolph Hall, Ph.D., Vice President, Research
Katharine Harrington, Ph.D., Vice President, Admissions and Planning
Thomas S. Leary Jr., B.S., Vice President, Capital Construction and Facilities Management
Brenda K. Maceo, B.A., Vice President, Public Relations and Marketing
Kristina E. Raspe, J.D., MCM, MRED, Vice President, Real Estate Development and Asset Management
David M. Roberts, J.D., Vice President, Athletic Compliance
Lloyd Silberstein, B.S., Vice President and Executive Director, Capital Construction and Facilities Management
Margo Steurbaut, MBA, Vice President, Finance
Courtney Surls, M.Ed., Vice President, Development
William Watson, B.S., Vice President, Health Sciences Development
Patrick C. Haden, J.D., Athletic Director
Lisa Mazzocco, MBA, Chief Investment Officer